TEC has a reputation for being able to meet fast-track scheduling combined with quality workmanship. We take pride in our ability to provide clients with a full range of structural steel services, allowing us to open up the possibilities for our clients.

Steel Erection

TEC’s Raising Gangs erect structural steel and make up approximately 20% of our work force. Our crews are renowned for their expertise working on the iron, and once the highly visible work is completed, we have crews following up installing metal decking, shear studs, and locking in the structures with bolted and welded connections. TEC also erects precast columns and panels, metal siding, and man and material hoists. In addition to erecting buildings, we offer installation of metal stairs and miscellaneous metals such as handrails and canopies on our projects.

Design Assist

TEC specializes in unique, challenging projects. We build world-class commercial buildings and open up possibilities for our clients. TEC does not shy away from a challenge and over the years we have developed new and innovative solutions to build safer, expedited, and never before seen structures. We work with our clients’ engineering departments as well as with our fabricators to ensure erection stability and safety.

Pre Construction

TEC gets involved in our projects early. We offer clients budgetary pricing during development, work with fabricators during detailing and shipment, and problem-solve any potential issues. Preliminary schedule commitments come with our bids, and we get to work with detailed planning immediately upon award of bid.

Logistics Support

Maintaining momentum for our ironworkers requires daily logistics support. Our stellar relationships with our local equipment and material suppliers allows us to accommodate daily fluctuations in jobsite needs. We schedule iron, cranes, lifts, and consumables with precise delivery schedules to accommodate “Just in Time” deliveries- which serve our clients well due to the compact nature of most of our jobsites.